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University of Victoria Special Collections and University Archives houses a significant number of medieval and early modern manuscripts. These include medieval and Renaissance documents from England, France, Spain and Italy, including deeds, charters, illuminated manuscript leaves, letters, letter patents, papal bulls, fragments from religious manuscripts, manuscripts on medicine and magic, a catalogue of English armorial shields, statutes of the Garter, and a manuscript of a Spanish Carmelite prioress.

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List of items in this collection
  Title Date Created Date Added Visibility
  1425~ 2020-01-17 Public
  1425~/1450~ 2020-01-17 Public
  1431~/1438~ 2020-01-17 Public
  1450~/1493 2020-01-21 Public
  1450~/1460~ 2020-01-17 Public
  1450~/1500~ 2020-01-17 Public
  1450~ 2020-01-17 Public
  1457/1490 2020-09-10 Public
  1460~/1470~ 2020-01-21 Public
  1470~ 2020-01-17 Public