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About this collection Samuel Maclure was born in New Westminster on April 11, 1860, the son of...
2150 01/30/2020
This digital collection is composed of scrapbooks from the <a...
13 11/27/2019
In 1960, Virginia Prince founded Transvestia magazine. Published six times a year in Los Angeles...
114 06/02/2020
A collection of material relating to Norse mythology
2 11/27/2019
1 09/23/2019
The Fire Insurance Plans (FIPs) from 1885 to 1916 are undoubtedly the best maps of Victoria for...
5 06/28/2019
A digital collection of material relating to the Victoria Holocaust and World War II Memory...
141 12/18/2020
This digital collection consists of a number of Victoria Police Department log or “charge books,”...
10 09/10/2020
Throughout the Victorian period, novels in serial parts were published in abundance in newspapers...
170 03/22/2021

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Candid photograph of Herbert Siebner, Robin Skelton, Myfanwy Pavelic, and others in room with...
Godfrey Stephens describes "wedding formalities" and asks to get together soon with Jean Andre....
Woman on porch outside house, regarding a display of paintings. (not sure who)
Candid scene from Maxwell Bates' 70th birthday party, Niki Pavelic in tall crown, referencing...
Negative photograph. Painting includes disassembled figure on rolling board, insect-like figure...
Colour print of Karl's digital artwork, "Pulling Together".
Herbert Siebner and Limners at a gathering in Siebner's kitchen.
Flyer for Karl Spreitz's art exhibition at The Maples Gallery in Saanichton, B.C.