Tian Hou (Tien Haw)


Photo of a statue of Tien Haw (960-987 AD) (Tian Hou, 天后)in Palace of the Saints. Tien Haw, also called Mazu (媽祖, 妈祖), is the most recent deity to be enshrined. She is the patron saint of the seas, and all travelers ask for her blessing before embarking on an ocean voyage.

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  • AMOS 41 god2
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  • 1 colour photograph
Alternative title
  • 天后像
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  • 48.4359, -123.35155
  • 48.4294, -123.3679
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  • Victoria’s Chinatown, a gateway to the past and present of Chinese Canadians
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  • 2012
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