Founders and directors of Lequn Yishu Public

The founders and directors of the Lequn Yishu. Top row from left to right: Lin Da Chu, Dong Qian Tai, Li Rui Ting, Li Yang Guang, Li Meng Jiu (aka Lee Mong Kow), Lu Yang Qiao, Huang Xin He. Bottom row from left to right: Chen Kong Run, Chen Yun Xiu, Li Fu Ji, Huang Jie Shi, Huang Fu Kang, Mai Qian Chu, Ma Gu Ru. Located inside the meeting hall of the Chinese Public School (636 Fisgard Street, Victoria, B.C.) on the 3rd floor beside the entrance way. Photo taken for the Chinese Public School picture collection. Taken on May 9, 2012. In 1899 the Chinese community in Victoria, B.C. organized a fund raising campaign to establish a Chinese school. The school was first located on the third floor of the old building of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) on 554-560 Fisgard Street. It was named Lequn Yishu (乐群义塾, Free School Enjoyed by Public). In 1909, CCBA completed a new building at 636 Fisgard Street to expand the original Lequn Yishu in response to racial and cultural segregation imposed by the school board and government. Lequn Yishu was renamed Daqing Qiaomin Gongli Xuetang (大清侨民公立学堂, Greater Qing Imperial Overseas Residence Public School) and it was changed into Huaqiao Gongli Xuexiao (华侨公立学校, Chinese Public School) since 1912.


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  • 倡建英屬域多利埠義學值事小像
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  • Victoria’s Chinatown, a gateway to the past and present of Chinese Canadians
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  • 2012
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  • 4752 x 3168, Canon EOS Rebel T1i. Images supplied by Victoria's Chinatown project. Metadata by GF. Migration metadata by MT.
  • These images are provided for research use only. These images are provided with the consent of the Chinese Public School and cannot be reproduced or copied without permission. For more information, contact Dr. Zhongping Chen at
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