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How do I search in Vault?

Start with a basic keyword search and then use the Facets on the left to limit/filter your search, or press enter in the empty search bar to browse by Facets. Vault does not have an Advanced Search function. The keyword search searches metadata and full text/transcripts of the digital objects (when available). Names of people will be listed under the Subject facet.

What facets are included?

You can limit/filter your search by these facets:


Vault uses Universal Viewer to display many of its image objects, or objects containing a series of images (e.g. a book with 1 image per page).

How do I view transcripts?

If a transcript is available for each page or image, you'll be able to see it in the right-hand "drawer" of the viewer. Click on "More Information" to expand the drawer and see file-level metadata, including a transcript if available.

an animated GIF showing the expanded viewer and transcript


How can I download high-resolution images of items?

To download high-resolution images of digital objects, click on the arrow in the bottom-left corner of the object viewer, choose the desired resolution, and click "Download."

image of expanded download menu in universal viewer

How can I download video and audio files?

Click on the "Download video" or "Download audio" links below the media player.

Circled download button for an audio file

Copyright in Vault Collections

Are items in Vault collections available for reuse?

Materials in Vault have an array of different copyright protections and licenses depending on the age and provenance of the individual collection. Please check the "Rights statement" field in the item level record to determine how this material may be used.

Circled rights statement

You can see our takedown policy on our About page.

Accessing the Physical Item

Can I see the physical items?

All digital objects are provided by UVic Libraries, but not all physical items are held in the Libraries. Check the metadata field "Physical Repository" to determine where the physical item is held.

Circled physical repository label

If the item is held at the University of Victoria (B.C.) Library, you can contact UVic Special Collections and University Archives to inquire about accessing it. Any questions about physical items/collections can be directed to Special Collections and University Archives staff at