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This collection is comprised of periodical literature, including annuals and magazines, published during the 19th century. Included are selected issues of British publications Forget-Me-Not and Good Words.

Forget Me Not is an example of an illustrated annual gift book directed at a largely female, middle-class readership, and published around Christmas with the intention of being purchased as a gift. The annual featured illustrations and poetry, with well recognized artists and writers contributing content, including Hester Thrale, Sir Walter Scott, and Mary Wollstonecraft. It was published from 1822 to 1847.

Good Words was an Illustrated magazine issued monthly starting in 1860. Its contents were largely moralizing, pious literature richly illustrated with artwork by noted artists such as John Everett Millais and Edward Burne-Jones. The wood-engravers Dalziel Brothers controlled the artistic direction of the magazine and were responsible for commissioning artwork and overseeing its material production.

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