Barbara Hepworth Letters to Herbert Read - University of Leeds and University of Victoria

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This collection consists of letters from Dame Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) to Sir Herbert Read (1893-1968). Sir Herbert Read was a poet, art historian, anarchist, literary critic, philosopher, prolific author and champion of modern artists in Britain. Dame Barbara Hepworth was one of the most influential British artists and sculptors of the 20th century. Their close personal friendship and professional connections which began in the 1930s lasted until Read’s death in 1968.

In these letters Dame Barbara Hepworth discusses the artistic and literary endeavours of herself, Read, and their associates, their philosophical and political views, and personal lives. The letters were originally deposited in separate collections in the University of Victoria, Canada and the University of Leeds, UK and are digitally reunited here for the first time. They offer a rich resource for researchers of modern art and culture which spans four decades and a period of artistic and historical innovation and change.

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