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These Sessional Clippings books cover the period 1891 to 1972, and include newspaper accounts written by various legislative reporters who covered debates occurring in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly. Transcripts of debates of the Legislative Assembly (Hansard) were not published in B.C. until 1970; hence these "Sessional Clipping Books" augment the “Journals”, the record of daily proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. The original sessional clippings books comprise 351 ledger size print volumes, held at the Legislative Library in Victoria BC. The print volumes were microfilmed onto 26 reels in 1977 under a Tri University Libraries (TRIUL) project, with the permission of the Legislative Library, Victoria, British Columbia. This digital collection was created by scanning the 26 microfilm reels.

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  January 1891 2019-06-20 Public
  February 1891 2019-06-20 Public
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  April 1891 2019-06-20 Public
  January 1892 2019-06-20 Public
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  March 1892 2019-06-20 Public
  April 1892 2019-06-20 Public
  January 1893 2019-06-20 Public
  February 1893 2019-06-20 Public