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This collection consists of digital versions of several print community maps produced through a collaborative process between various community groups and the Common Ground Community Mapping Project and later with the Community Mapping Collaboratory (CMC) at the University of Victoria.

The libraries also hold the print versions of these maps; the digital versions have been archived and made available for personal research and study.


The CMC is a joint university-community mapping initiative, hosted on the University of Victoria campus and is a model for campus-community interaction. The goal of the CMC is to facilitate student learning, locally-based and globally-relevant research, community engagement, and sustainable community development and planning through participatory campus-community mapping projects.

These maps are part of the Green Map movement which began in 1995. Since then, 900 communities in 65 countries have mapped their home places. Green Maps use standard icons to identify community-minded sites and activities.

The maps were made possible through the work of many, many volunteers including local artists from the communities that each map represents, and were produced through partnerships and financial support from organizations including community associations, municipalities, Capital Region District, Provincial Capital Commission, Community Social Planning Council, Victoria Community Association Network, LifeCycles, EcoTrust Canada, The Land Conservancy, Habitat Acquisition Trust, Victoria Natural History Society, City Green, Victoria Foundation, Victoria Real Estate Board, and others.

More information about Green Maps can be found here:

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