Sketch from Boston Bar to Lytton [3 of 3] Public

The third of three maps showing the route from Boston Bar to Lytton traveling along the Fraser River. It is a simple sketch of the Fraser River and an adjacent Mule Trail continuing on from Boston Bar and including Kanaka Flat, Siska Flat, Siska Creek, reservations, and the townsite of Lytton. The town of Lytton is sketched out along with a garden, cemetery, water supply, and adjacent reservation. There is a smaller line drawing of the whole route next to the larger one that was split apart over three different maps. This is the conclusion of the route that was started on "Sketch from Boston Bar to Lytton (1 of 3)" and continued with "Sketch from Boston Bar to Lytton (2 of 3)".


In Collection:
Creator Subject Language Identifier
  • LSV Number: 13T1 MISC
  • Historical Map Society of B.C. Map Number: 1523
Keyword Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • 1 sheet ; 65 x 95 cm
Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 50.23194, -121.58196
  • 49.11636, -123.18594
  • 49.87002, -121.44399
Additional physical characteristics
  • Scale: Two Inches to One Statute Mile
Physical repository Collection
  • Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia Maps
  • Surveyor General of BC, Legal Surveys Vault
Provider Genre Date digitized
  • 2012-05-12
Technical note
  • 400 dpi; Metadata by KD
  • 1860
  • This material is owned by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA). The Cartographic Record of this digital image is in the possession of the Surveyor General Division, LTSA. Any reproduction of this material must credit the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia as the source for this record. To purchase high-resolution scanned files of these maps and plans, contact Request should cite the LTSA Surveyor General's Vault map number (eg. 16T1 Land Reserves).
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