Me... l'impossibilité absolue als... [Letter from Nicolas to Peggy] Public

A card and a letter with its envelope to Peggy in French from Nicolas in 1924. The letter begins "Chere Peggy, Me... l'impossibilité absolue... "


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  • April 1, 2009
  • Dear Peggy, Absolutely impossible to get to train station today. Please accept this little bouquet as a souvenir. There was nothing I could find. A bottle of milk; but there is nothing I could do. Give my regards to your mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bellevue de [unreadable]. 1924. 19 Grande Route de Bellevue. Seine et Vise Dear Peggy, It has been more than a month and a half since I received your card, more than 2 ½ months since I got your letter, and I did get to answer you. I don’t know what you think of me, but let me tell you how much I was happy to receive news from you and to know that you were happy about your trip. I am not going to explain the reason for my impertinent silence, not that I want to excuse myself but to tell you simply the truth. Since you left, I started doing some business, although this word business may make you smile a bit, but the truth is nevertheless that I am in business. One day, they will proposition me to enter a company of Jewish origin, but officially, FrenchEnglish, to make a few sales in countries [unreadable] with the Germans. I let them persuade me and I took off for a trip. 9 ½ months, I travelled in Germany, I would tell them some small stories, always accompanied by these men (Israelites), born in England, naturalized French speaking Chinese well. Today, I realize that I wasn’t earning anything and that the others were putting all the money in their pockets, that is when I said good-by and I left for Paris, where I found your letter, which was waiting for a good while. The moral of my experience was: no more work with men that I don’t know. In all, it was not so bad as I have acquired a certain experience, I travelled a lot and I only lost 20 francs. What do you think? Once in Paris, I entered a big insurance company and it is there that I worked from morning till night, we were busy all day so I could not write to you even at night, because during that time I had to study the question of insurances. Do not think that I forgot you even for a bit; try to imagine that my office was located close to the train station St. Lazarre, and each time that I cross the Place du Havre I think of the time when we crossed, with much courage, animated by the desire to find the cars, this huge place, so animated and with lots of movements. Remember the night when you were stuck between 3 cars? But now there is more order, there are agents, the cars circulate with a certain precaution. However it is the absolute lack of time, that stopped me from writing to you. I hope Peggy that you will forgive this silence, because I am quite upset about it myself. Did you know that we had a very bad spring, it is so cold that we have to go out with a coat on. However everything is green, there are a lot of Americans, yelling and talking with an abominable accent, lot of people from Cook [North America]. I would assume that you know that we are preparing for the Olympic Games, I believe that we won’t see many people, but many businessmen will have made a lot of money. In spite of the increase in value of the franc, life is not going down, on the contrary, it is stable. Are you still happy about your trip? I think, after thinking about it, that you are now in Oceanic countries and that you are preparing yourself to go to China? Therefore please tell me, has the guide in Italian been useful for you, as it was for me. I do believe that it a very good guide [The context of the next two sentences is not clear] Your photograph has arrived in good shape and the package was very well made, and I am sending you my compliments about it. Even though, we are still far from the nice season, my mother and I, we have decided to live in Bellevue, in a pretty corner of the suburb, less than 10 minutes of the train station Montparasse, do you remember this station from where you go to Chartres? Again another cherished memory of our great adventures. I don’t know if I will go another time to Chartres, but in the end it is worth it to see this wonderful place. Would I have seen anything in Paris if you were not there? Assuredly not. Would you please convey my best wishes to your mother from Roger, as she often called me when I was with you, and, my dear Peggy, my best wishes to you, Your Nicholas Abkhazi P.S. My mother sends you her love. N.A.
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  • 600 dpi TIFF; no colour correction. Scanned and edited by KM and CDW. Metadata provided by MH and KD.
  • 1924
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