Small sketch of claims by some settlers at Nisqually


Columbia River. Cartographer unknown

In Collection:
Subject Language Identifier
  • B223/z/5 fo. 164
  • Ruggles Number: 290A
Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • 1 sheet ; 18 x 20 cm
Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 47.60621, -122.33207
  • 47.83315, -122.43458
  • 47.30288, -122.52818
Physical repository Collection
  • Early B.C. Maps from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives
Provider Genre Date digitized
  • May 2, 2012
  • This claim was presented by me in recorders Office Augt. 8th in the name of John Waffing ditto ditto ditto ditto in the name of Johnston No 31 G D Smith recorded 6th Augt. Stagg recorded 6th Augt Siloiel recorded 6th Augt Kent recorded 6th Augt Hull recorded 5th Augt Lake Cully recorded this claim Augt 6th S McMurrie recorded this claim Augt 6 X Bruce Graham Lowe Jerurlington Sfinoer Lune Ernmutinger Douglas Yard Burolay McPhail *Supposed to be Settlers Claim recorded on the afternoon of the 5th May - Hull got it recorded on the morning of the same day.
Technical note
  • 600 dpi jpg ; Scanning of transparencies by JF. Watermarking by CDW. Metadata by RM, KM.
  • These images are provided for research only. These images are provided with the consent of the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Archives of Manitoba, and cannot be reproduced or copied without their permission. To purchase high resolution digital files of these maps, contact:; telephone 204-945-4949.  Information on photographic reproduction services and terms of use of images are available on request.

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