Map of the City of Victoria, Vancouver Island [1872] Public

A detailed map of the city of Victoria and the District of Esquimalt drawn and compiled from surveys. The land has been divided into many numbered blocks of numbered plots of land with the names of the intersecting streets labeled. Many features and places have been named including a royal hospital, brewery, school reserve, new and old cemeteries, residence of Sir Douglas, a lunatic asylum, ferries, government buildings, a public park with a race course encircling Beacon Hill, piers, landings, "Indian" reserve, churches, bridges, and ship yards. The surrounding bodies of water, the points along them, and the islands within them are all named including Selkirk Water, Rock Bay, Victoria Harbour, James Bay, the Straits of Fuca, Holland Point, Ogden Point, Shoal Point, Pelly Islands, and Laurel Point.


In Collection:
Creator Subject Publisher Language Identifier
  • LSV Number: 21T2VT
  • 106920
Keyword Date created Resource type Rights statement Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 48.43569, -123.41174
  • 48.4359, -123.35155
Additional physical characteristics
  • Scale: 8 Chains = 1 Inch N.S. 1/6386
Physical repository Collection
  • Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia Maps
  • Surveyor General of BC, Legal Surveys Vault
Provider Genre Date digitized
  • February 24, 2012
Technical note
  • 400 dpi; Metadata by KD
  • 1872
  • This material is owned by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA). The Cartographic Record of this digital image is in the possession of the Surveyor General Division, LTSA. Any reproduction of this material must credit the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia as the source for this record. To purchase high-resolution scanned files of these maps and plans, contact Request should cite the LTSA Surveyor General's Vault map number (eg. 16T1 Land Reserves).
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