Corpus Iuris Civilis, Fragment


Two fragments that belonged to a codex with the Digesta from the Corpus Iuris Civilis. Fragment 1 is from Book 23 and starts at Dig.23.3.43, part 2 (incipit: 'Plane secutis nuptiis mulier soluto matrimonio dotis exactionem habebit') and runs to the end of Dig.23.3.57 (explicit: 'praesumptionem ad filii debitum spectare verisimile est, nisi evidentissiine contrarium adprobetur '). Dig.23.3 covers the topic of dowries (the rubric of this section usually reads: 'De iure dotium'). Fragment 2 is from book 24 and starts at Dig.24.1.25 (incipit: 'Sed et si constante matrimonio res aliena uxori a marito donata fuerit') and runs into Dig. (explicit: 'personas subsecutum, puto donationes non valere, quasi duraverint'). Dig.24.1 covers the topic of the exchange of goods between man and wife (the rubric of this section usually reads: 'de donationibus inter irum et uxorem'). -- Description by Erik Kwakkel, July 2006

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  • Shelf Mark: Fragm.Lat.2
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  • Two sheets of parchment from the same manuscript (parts of different bifolia); 166 x 110 mm
Additional physical characteristics
  • Hair implant visible on fragment 1, verso; glosses in all four margins, in the shape of 'brackets' (textus inclusus type); the glosses are by a different hand (littera textualis, 1250-1300); traces of ruling (plummet?); no pricking visible; faint traces of running titles, consisting of 'Liber' and a roman numeral ('XXIII' faintly visible on fragment 1); main text copied in a small bookhand (littera textualis, 1250-1300), most likely in France; additions and corrections from the same hand, both in the margins and interlinear; many abbreviations; additions and corrections by several other hands, both in the margin and interlinear, one of which is contemporary to the main hand (fragment 2, near bottom of col. B, 'profecto...'); pointing hands, from contemporary user, on verso of fragment 1 (below column A) and on recto of fragment 2 (between the columns); Blue initials (mostly faded away) with penwork flourishing in the French style of the thirteenth century, both in the main text and the glosses, which points out this manuscript was probably the joint project of two scribes and an illuminator.
Physical repository Collection
  • Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection
  • Purchased through Erik Kwakkel in July 2006 from the collection of Herman Mulder (Hombeek, Belgium), who bought it from Antiquariaat De Oude Borze, Antwerp, on December 12, 2003. The notation 'Lova: antho: 1579' on fragment 2 (upper margin) may indicate that the book in which these fragments were pasted was in the sixteenth century owned by one Anton of Leuven.
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  • 2006-023, Item 2
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  • February 23, 2012
Technical note
  • Metadata by KD.
  • Contact Special Collections and University Archives for access to the original manuscript and for reproduction requests (fee for reproductions). This material is made available on this site for research and private study only.
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