Commentary on the Psalms, Fragment


Commentary on the Psalms, perhaps part of a larger Bible commentary; the fragment presents Ps. 34, 10 (first underscored Psalm text is verse 11: 'surgentes testes iniqui quae ignorabam interrogabant me') to Ps. 34, 13 (last underscored Psalm text is part of verse 13: 'humiliabam in ieiunio animam meam'). This is an extensive Psalm commentary as a single folium (of large proportions) holds only about two verses (Psalm text underscored).

In Collection:
Subject Language Identifier
  • Shelf Mark: Fragm.Lat.1
Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • Sheet of parchment (half a bifolium); 210 x 155 mm
Additional physical characteristics
  • Was used as a wrapper around a thin booklet, as is shown by the vertical fold and stitch marks halfway the page, damage along all sides and at the four corners (from use as a wrapper); some ink smutches from later additions; pricking and ruling visible (plummet); underscoring in red (Psalm text); original foliation on recto, top left-hand corner: 'cxxxv'; running titles in red: 'Psalmus' (verso) / 'xxxiiiius' (recto); main text by one hand, possibly French (littera textualis, 1250-1300), who also did the foliation, rubrication and perhaps the running titles; marginal references on verso by another hand, probably (near) contemporary to that of the main text (Jeronimus etc.); pen trials and other notations added by later hands, most likely when the sheet was already used as a wrapper, the oldest dating from the sixteenth century (alphabet in the lower margin on recto), the youngest one from around the year 2000 ('331,15 Euro', possibly the sales price of the fragment); writing below topline; no decoration.
Physical repository Collection
  • Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection
  • Purchased through Erik Kwakkel in July 2006 from the collection of Herman Mulder (Hombeek, Belgium), who bought it from Antiquariaat Garcia, Mechelen, on November 2, 2001.
Provider Genre Archival item identifier
  • 2006-023, Item 1
Fonds title Fonds identifier Is referenced by Date digitized
  • February 23, 2012
Technical note
  • Metadata by KD.
  • Contact Special Collections and University Archives for access to the original manuscript and for reproduction requests (fee for reproductions). This material is made available on this site for research and private study only.

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