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A detailed map of the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet engraved by J & C Walker, surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards and the Officers of the H.M.S. Plumper from 1859 to 1860, published by the Admiralty on Nov. 30th, 1860 under the Superintendence of Captn. Washington with corrections made in April 1862, and sold by J.D. Potter Agent for the Admiralty of the Charts. There are soundings recorded in all the bodies of water with sketches of and notes about the land cover on their banks along with several notes about tides and navigation. There are proposed government reserves scattered around the map and relief marks showing the mountains with some having their heights also recorded. The map includes many place names. The top of the map shows Howe Sound, part of Bowen Island, Atkinson Point, Burrard Inlet, Spanish Bank, Point Grey, English Bay, First Narrows, Coal Harbour, Coal Peninsula, False Creek, Second Narrows, Bedwell Bay, North Arm River, and Port Moody. With a small inset map continuing to the end of the North Arm River. The bottom of the map shows the mouth of the Fraser River near Roberts Bank, Sturgeon Bank, and Sea Island. It then follows along the Fraser River to New Westminster, Burnaby Lake, Brunette River and Queen's Reach. The river forks at Mason Island and Mary Hill with one fork continuing as the Pitt River with Pitt Meadows, Sheridan Hills, Mount Burke, Fox Reach, Grant Narrows, and finally Pitt Lank and Mount Blanchard or the Golden Ears. The other fork continues as the Fraser River and passes by Barnston Island, Bishop's Reach, Derby Reach, Derby or New Langley, Old Langley, and ending near McMillan Island and Grant Hill. An inset map continues showing the route of this river going passs Sumas Peaks, Sumas River, an Old Hudson's Bay fishing station, the first establishment on the river, Fargo Bar, and ends at Harrison Hill and Harrison River.


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Creator Publisher Language Identifier
  • LSV Number: 18T2CH
  • Historical Map Society of B.C. Map Number: 1563
  • 109661, 107892
Keyword Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • 1 sheet ; 67 x 100 cm
Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 49.28124, -122.82457
  • 49.08333, -122.35
  • 49.22119, -122.68965
  • 49.26783, -123.12005
  • 49.4, -122.56278
  • 49.55139, -121.84583
  • 49.29966, -123.20265
  • 49.11636, -123.18594
Physical repository Collection
  • Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia Maps
  • Surveyor General of BC, Legal Surveys Vault
Provider Genre Date digitized
  • 2012-07-27
Technical note
  • 150 dpi; Metadata by KD
  • 1860
  • This material is owned by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA). The Cartographic Record of this digital image is in the possession of the Surveyor General Division, LTSA. Any reproduction of this material must credit the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia as the source for this record. To purchase high-resolution scanned files of these maps and plans, contact Request should cite the LTSA Surveyor General's Vault map number (eg. 16T1 Land Reserves).
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