Interview with Lorna Wanosts’a7 Williams for UVic Archives



Material features an interview with Lorna Wanosts’a7 Williams and Gary Marcuse conducted by POV Magazine editor Marc Glassman in Vancouver, B.C. The interview was commissioned by the University of Victoria Special Collections and University Archives to serve as an introduction to Wanosts’a7 and her work, as well as provide additional context to the Lorna Wánosts’a7 Williams Face to Face Media Collection and the Face to Face Media fonds. In part 1, Wánosts’a7 discusses what drew her to the work of Reuven Feuerstein; her experience of going to Israel to study with Feuerstein; adapting his methods to her work with Indigenous students in B.C.; the relation between Feuerstein's methods and addressing personal trauma; the impact and experience of being sent to a residential school; the role of the community in helping her heal and give her strength moving forward; combating institutional racism towards Indigenous students as an educator, including inappropriate cognitive testing methods; the effectiveness of instrumental enrichment; and the effects of education on Indigenous children, particularly in regards to their sense of identity. Part 1 continues with Gary Marcuse discussing the context and events that lead to the documentary “The Mind of a Child”, including the development of the documentary series “First Nations: The Circle Unbroken”; Wánosts’a7 and Marcuse discussing David Tzuriel and Clarissa Pascal’s involvement in the documentary; the need to shift perspectives of Indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups; and Wánosts’a7’s experience working with African American educators and students in the United States. In part 2, Wánosts’a7 and Marcuse discusses their dynamic when working together; support and continued engagement with the “The Mind of a Child” documentary; balancing storytelling with the complexity of Feuerstein's methodology for the documentary; the Variety Learning Centre; reception of the documentary by Indigenous communities; applying Feuerstein's criteria to Indigenous ways of teaching; perspective gain by Gary Marcuse while working on the project; the value of the material being donated to the Archives; and Wánosts’a7’s work in collaborative learning and language revitalization.

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