1993 IACE International Conference



Production material centres around Lorna Wanosts’a7 Williams’ activities at the 1993 International Association for Cognitive Education (IACE) International Conference held at Nof Ginosar in Ginosar, Israel. The IACE has seen been renamed the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology (IACEP). The first section features Reuven Feuerstein talking with conference attendees, including Wanosts’a7, after having given a lecture and in the foyer of the hotel. This section runs from 00:00 to 20:19 on tape VR10. The second section features a presentation given by Wanosts’a7, Bill Mussell (Skwah First Nation), and Terry Adler on their work at the Sa’li’shan Institute entitled “Lifting the Cloak of Oppression”, followed by questions, comments, and discussion. This section runs from 20:20 on tape VR10, and continues until 03:40 on tape VR12. The third section features an informal roundtable discussion with Wanosts’a7, Lettie Battle, Judi Hirsch, Achmat Ajam, and Barbara A. White arranged by Gary Marcuse. The discussion brings together educators from Canada, South Africa, and the United States to share and exchange experiences, methods, and ideas on teaching, as well as the state of education in their respective countries and communities. The discussion touches on theories of Feuerstein and Paulo Friere; Feuerstein’s ideas of cultural deprivation; education in a multicultural setting; instrumental enrichment; mediated learning experience; and the role of family and community in educating and raising children. This section runs from 03:41 on tape VR12, and continues until 04:50 on tape VR15. The final section features a follow-up discussion to Wanosts’a7, Bill Mussell, and Terry Adler’s “Lifting the Cloak of Oppression” presentation. The discussion touches on how trauma and societal forces shape how one values their culture and their willingness to pass down their culture to their children; how oral traditions are vulnerable in the face of mass annihilation; Indigenous identity, self-determination, and land claims; revitalization of the Líl̓wat language, Ucwalmícwts; mediated learning experience; the political situation in South Africa; integrating traditional values and practices into contemporary society; and Indigenous naming ceremonies as conveyed by Sharon Wilson (Nuxalk Nation). This section runs from 04:51 on tape VR15, and continues until the end of tape VR17.

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