Sketch of the Upper Part of the Fraser River from Langley to Yale Public

The route along the Fraser River from Langley to Yale divided into two sections by Liuet. Mayne R.N. of the H.M.S. Plumper - Capt Richards and the Honble. M.B. Begbie Judge in British Columbia. It is also by Malby & Sons, Lith and was published in London at the Admiralty under the Superintendence of Capt. Washington and sold by J.D. Potter, Angent for the Admiralty Charts. The first section starts in Langley and ends at an old Hudson's Bay Company fishing station. Starting at Langley, this part of the map includes an Observation Spot marked with a cross, Maxmillan Island, and an area noted with "Quaitlan Indians". Continuing on we come to 20 Mile Point, two rivers with unknown names, "Smess Indian" area, Stony Point, Mount Tomna-heurick, Smess River, and finally the fishing station. The second section states at the fishing station and "Tsolocoyoock Indians" area, Maria Bar, and Fargo Bar (which notes that it was the first establishment on the river). It continues past Harrison River, Scowalitz Village, "Pallalt Indian" area, Four Brothers mountains, Seabird Anchorage, Six Tree Point, Dutchmans Point, Redscaur, Sleepers Reach, Seabird Bar, Cornish Bar, Hopetown, River Quequealla, many different bars (Mosquito, Canada, Puget Sound, American, Posey, Emery, Texas etc.), "Teale Indian" areas, Strawberry Island, and ends at Fort Yale with a saw mill. Both maps have relief marks, sketches, and notes showing the land cover along the banks of the river including buildings and villages and notes for points of interest like which areas are navigable for boats or canoes and about gold. There are points marked with letters along both maps that correspond to several small sketches of the views of the landscape looking up or down the river at the following points: Fort Yale, Emery Bar, Mouth of the Quequealla River, Cornish Bar, and the entrance of River, Mount Blanchard.


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  • LSV Number: 6LockerF
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  • 1 sheet ; 67 x 95 cm
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  • 49.10107, -122.65883
  • 49.11636, -123.18594
  • 49.56202, -121.42974
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  • Scale: Approximately One inch to the mile
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  • Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia Maps
  • Surveyor General of BC, Legal Surveys Vault
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  • March 9, 2012
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  • 400 dpi; Metadata by KD
  • 1859
  • This material is owned by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA). The Cartographic Record of this digital image is in the possession of the Surveyor General Division, LTSA. Any reproduction of this material must credit the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia as the source for this record. To purchase high-resolution scanned files of these maps and plans, contact Request should cite the LTSA Surveyor General's Vault map number (eg. 16T1 Land Reserves).
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