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Flour Power is a zine that tries to "report on anarchism all over the world." Issue # 7 contains: Herstories of Canadian Radical Politics ; Queer questions ; Lower class issues ; Children ; Veganism ; Natural health ; Wommins rights ; Anti-fascism

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  • 66 pages
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  • Allan Antliff Collection
  • From the personal collection of Allan Antliff.
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  • Anarchist Archive
  • Antliff, Allan
Genre Date digitized
  • August 31, 2011
  • Flour Power anarchist punk political personal music zine no. 7 1996. Inside: Herstories of Canadian Radical Politics, Queer questions, lower class issues, children veganism natural health wommins rights andti-fascism. Printed on 100% de-inked recycled paper made exclusively from old newspapers and magazines 50% post-consumer fiber. Rejoice: words, Frieda: pictures, Nick: interview, some reviews. Disclaime: the name and the rest of the contents of this zine are entirely the fault of Rejoice and Nick holds absolutely no responsibility for them. PC Glossary History = herstory, woman = womyn, women = wimmin, human=humyn, Indian = Native American, First Nations, Aboriginal, Eskimo = Inuit, Coloured, ethnic = person of colour, PC = plain courtesy. This issue is dedicated to our new kitten Laska, born Feb 14, 1995, Valentine's Day (Laska is Slovakian for love), that we adopted and the millions of other unwanted kittens and puppies who aren't so lucky who are born each year to end up euthanized or homeless because of people who are too stupid to get their pets spayed and neutered, rape and abuse survivors, wimmin imprisoned for killing their abusers, political prisoners, bashed queers, victims of war, the hungry and homeless, abortion clinic staff and clients who have been injured or have given their lives in the war on wimmin's reproductive freedom, clear-cut forests and their former inhabitants, the imprisioned, tortured and enslaved whether two-legged or four, victims of racism, sexism, classism and anyone else suffering from discrimination oppression. ...
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  • digitized by CDW; metadata by GF
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