Posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club, no. 19-20 Public

Chapters 52-56: Chapter 52. Comprising the final exit of Mr. Jingle and Job Trotter; with a great morning of business in Gray's Inn Square. Concluding with a double knock at Mr. Perker's door -- Chapter 53. Containing some particulars relative to the double knock, and other matters, among which certain interesting disclosures relative to Mr. Snodgrass and a young lady are by no means irrelevant to this history -- Chapter 54. Mr. Solomon Pell, assisted by a select committee of coachmen, arranges the affairs of the elder Mr. Weller -- Chapter 55. An important conference takes place between Mr. Pickwick and Samuel Weller, at which his parent assists-- an old gentleman in a snuff-coloured suit arrives unexpectedly -- Chapter 56. In which the Pickwick Club is finally dissolved, and everything concluded to the satisfaction of everybody.


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  • PR4569 A1 1836
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  • University of Victoria Libraries Special Collections, PR4569 A1 1836
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  • 20 numbers in 19 volumes (xiv, 609 pages)
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  • illustrated
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  • Victorian Serial Novels
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  • 2008-06-19
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  • 1837
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