Open road - Issue 02, Spring 1977 Public

In this issue: Jamaica: reggae, Rastas, and resistance; Rebirth of a nation: dual power takes hold in Canadian north; Anti-nuclear chain reaction: throwing a wrench in the atomic works; Roadside notes; Michael Bakunin, 1814-1876: cultivating the habit of freedom; On the road; Seattle neighbourhood self-activates; Braincutters stymied by pastry politics; From petitions to bombs: nuclear buildup triggers mass opposition; SORWUC (Service, Office and Retail Workers Union of Canada) organizes bank jobs; Dene build sovereignty in Canada's north; Tooth and nail battle for liberation; Walla Walla brothers slam behaviour mod; Fighting at the point of consumption; News from nowhere; Workers' barricades fall in courts;The lines they are a-changin': Weather Underground explodes; Children are a revolutionary force; Invasion of the Stalinoids; O Jamaica: roots, rock, & resistance: this is reggase music; Grand juries: the new American inquisition; Whitnack out of deep freeze; Quebec separatist win: whose victory?; Canadian labour runs on the spot; The blast; Murray railroad switches track: Noel gets life, Marie faces noose; Bakunin centenary, 1876-1976 (poster); Portugal: the difficult revolution; Spanish anarchism: growing like mushrooms after rainfall; CNT presses roll again; Flavio Costantini: artist of anarchy; State plays musical dungeons with SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army): but the music never stops; British Columbia co-ops Fed-up; Everybody needs nobody sometimes; Nestor Makhno: Bolshevik bashing in the old Ukraine; Suppressed memoirs of a young anarchist (book review); Katharina Blum's honor (film review); Flight to Babylon north (book review); Pa Chin's Chinese anarchist novel (book review)

An anarchist publication produced in Vancouver, British Columbia focused on the international spectrum of anarchist and anti-authoritarian activities around popular struggles and social problems.


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Contributor Subject Publisher Language Identifier
  • Call Number: HX821 O6
Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • 31 pages : ill. ; 43 cm.
Alternative title
  • OpenRoad. Issue two
  • Open road, spring 1977
  • Jamaica: reggae, Rastas, and resistance
Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 49.24966, -123.11934
  • 60.10867, -113.64258
Physical repository Collection
  • Jim Campbell (Julie Thiers) Collection
  • Donor: Julie Thiers
Provider Genre Fonds title
  • Jim Campbell fonds
Fonds identifier
  • AR459
Is referenced by Date digitized
  • October 30, 2013
Technical note
  • 300 dpi tiff. Digitized by CDW, KM, SC; metadata by GF and KD.
  • 1977
  • Contact UVic Archives for access to the original, or ask UVic Archives to make a copy (fee for service). Patrons may look at the material through the Anarchism Digital Research Centre, but may not use images unless they contact UVic Archives.
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