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The Canadian Scottish Regiment incorporated earlier First World War Victoria regiments. On 15 March 1920, Victoria's 88th and 50th Regiments were reorganized into the Canadian Scottish Regiment Non-Permanent Active Militia. On 1 August 1930, The Canadian Scottish again was reorganized into a two-battalion regiment, with the establishment of the 1st Battalion's headquarters in Victoria and the 2nd at Nanaimo. Following the outbreak of the Second World War, the 1st Battalion trained at Macaulay Point Barracks B.C., before traveling to Debert, Nova Scotia in October 1940, and to England in 1941. The 1st Battalion later took part in the Normandy invasion on 6 June, 1944.

The war diaries are official records kept by the Battalions during a one month period. They contain the daily orders, correspondence, newsletters, and an intelligence log detailing troop activities, locations, and weather conditions. The war diaries detail the activities and movement of the 1st Battalion from training in Canada and England to active duty on the Western Front and their return to Victoria in January 1946.

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