War Diary of 1st Battalion Canadian Scottish Regiment, Vol. 01, August 26, 1939 to September 30, 1939 Public

The war diaries are official records kept by the Battalions during a one month period. They contain the daily orders, correspondence, newsletters, and an intelligence log detailing troop activities, locations, and weather conditions. The war diaries detail the activities and movement of the 1st Battalion from training in Canada and England to active duty on the Western Front and their return to Victoria in January 1946. This diary was kept while in Victoria and Otter Point. It has entries about recruitment numbers, supply storage, an accidental fire that damaged equipment, rumours about Russia coming into war as an ally of Germany, troop movements and assignments, postponing a concert due to a lack of aprons, medical issues, complaint from a logger that soldiers were pointing rifles at him, received phone calls, pilfering among troops, morale of the soldiers, water supply issues, issues with young troops, and war being declared by Great Britain and then Canada, among other activities and information.


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