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This collection showcases a selection of nineteenth-century handwritten documents (manuscripts) from Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Victoria Libraries dating from roughly 1800 to 1900. Documents such as artwork, autograph albums, letters, diaries, and scrapbooks can be found in the collection.

Collection highlights include:

Peter Lowens Collection: letters written by illustrators of Charles Dickens' works such as Edmund Yates, George Cattermole, William Powell Frith, and Alfred Chantrey Corbould.

Kidman Family Fonds: art album and autograph albums, dating from 1828 to 1930, created by sisters Lilian Kidman and Ella Kidman, and their father Henry Kidman.

Edward Morrell Holmes scrapbook: containing approximately 250 seaweed specimens collected between 1895 and 1918.

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  1800s 2022-03-24 Public
  December 20, 1824 2020-11-13 Public
  1828 to 1859 2020-10-08 Public
  1828 to 1928 2020-10-08 Public
  1836 to 1870 2020-11-13 Public
  June 27, 1837 2020-11-13 Public
  1849 to 1918 2020-11-02 Public
  approximately 1850 2020-11-13 Public
  1855 2021-09-03 Public
  March 26, 1855 2021-09-03 Public