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The St. John family includes the surgeon Valentine St. John (1883-1964) and his mother Aglae de Jora St. John. Aglae de Jora St. John was Romanian. Her husband, Dr. St. John's father, was a British diplomat and cousin of the 4th Viscount Bolingbroke.

The surgeon Valentine St. John worked and lived in many countries around the world, and served as Medical Health Officer in Alert Bay 1941-44 and in Campbell River from 1944-46. He was also physician to Maharaja of Jaipur.

This collection consists of a manuscript memoir from the surgeon Valentine St. John (1883-1964). Also included are two personal diaries of Aglae de Jora St. John (in French), along with photographs and letters that were enclosed within the diaries. The first diary is dated 1877-1918 includes events of World War I. The second diary dates from September 17, 1882 to October 24, 1890 and covers diplomatic life in Croatia and other places.

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