Road trip to a lookout and beach with the family. Scenes with friends and family at Empress Hotel, Legislature. Christmas with the family at home, and children playing (1950) Public

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One of a series of amateur motion picture films by Mathew Ko. Children eating chocolate covered ice cream bars near parked cars at Malahat summit. Family at a lookout towards Finlayson Arm and mountains in the background. Children playing in the beach with logs and a boat. Driving along a forest lined road, in front of a copper-coloured bridge. People visiting interior and exterior of Empress Hotel, Legislature lawn and Beacon Hill Park rose garden. Stone bridge over a duck pond surrounded by trees as people in the park beside it. Family scenes outside residential home. Golden Dragon restaurant, children playing outside in the evening and walking into house. Christmas tree and lights inside home. Woodward's Department Store, young boy in cowboy costume, people leaving a house. Church procession, family in the city, waving at the camera, children playing with yo-yos, shots of yellow croci and other flowers. These clips were initially intended for home, personal use. Silent film.


In Collection:
Creator Subject Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • 00:09:50
Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 48.41222, -123.36243
  • 48.4359, -123.35155
  • 48.55032, -123.49521
Additional physical characteristics
  • Kodachrome 16mm
Physical repository Collection
  • Mathew Ko Colour Films, Victoria's Chinatown and Region
Provider Genre Archival item identifier
  • 2013-033.1.08
Fonds title
  • Mathew Ko fonds
Fonds identifier
  • AR480
Date digitized
  • February 3, 2014
Technical note
  • Metadata by Lauren Chancellor
  • NTSC 525
  • mp4
  • additional metadata by MT
  • The Media PreserveDouble perf Color Reversal. B-Wind. Film is shrunken. 1950 & 1953 Kodak date codes. Opening cement splices repaired. Digitized at 18 fps. Digitized by The Media Preserve
  • Contact UVic Special Collection and University Archives for reproduction requests (fee for reproductions). This material is made available on this site for research and private study only.
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