Cookery by Isabella B. Bennett, April 1891- March 1892


This “Cookery” manuscript by Isabella B. Bennett dates from April 1891 to March 1892 and contains recipes, likely transcribed into the notebook by Bennett. Last 10 pages are blank. Some of the recipes are grouped together as menus. The notebook also includes a section on “Sick-room Cookery.” Recipes include: Hot Prune Pudding, Dutch Roll, Lentil Soup, Flat Cornish Cake, Boned Shoulder of Moutton, Stewed Haddocks in Brown Sauce, Date Pudding, Hominy Balls, Italian Omelette, Snowdon Pudding, Catherine Soup, Short Crust, Stewed Rhubarb, Meringue, Rice and Cheese Balls, Liver and Bacon, Stewed Beef, Ashantee Pudding, Luncheon Cake, Mock Kidney Soup, Birds Nests, Suet Crust, Potato Cake, Aunt Elizabeth’s Pudding, Oven Scones, Girdle Scones, Macaroni and Meat Shape, Adelaide Surprise, Gingerbread, Bean Soup, Calf Foot Jelly, Custard Sauce, Soup Maigre, Beef Olives, Treacle Sponge, Boiled Artichokes, White Sauce, Cheese Savoury, Filleted and Steamed Fish, Roast and Stuffed Rabbit, Apple Tart, Rice and Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Mullagatowney Soup, Boiled Potatoes, Caledonian Creams, Potato Balls. “Sick-room cookery” recipes include: Egg Drink, Steamed Chop, Lemon Jelly, Fried Fish, Custard Pudding, Beef Tea, Raw Beef Tea, Thick Milk, Toast Water, Egg Drink, Prune Jelly, Madeira Cake, Baked Fish, Pancakes, Mutton Cutlets, Baked Tripe, Swiss Roll, Poached Eggs on Toast.

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  • Call Number: TX717 B45 1891
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  • 48 pages ; 26 cm
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  • 52.16045, -0.70312
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  • Original manuscript on ruled paper, green paper wrappers.
  • 19th Century Manuscripts Collection
  • Physical item part of Peter Lowens' personal collection, provided by him for digitization.
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  • July 4, 2017
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  • 600 dpi TIFFS. Scanned by CDeWolfe using TTI Betterlight. Images cropped by CDWolfe to remove colour bar. No colour correction, no size reduction. Additional metadata by MT.

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