YMCA Camera Club outing. Nanaimo regatta. Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) airshow and parade (1939-1942)


One of a series of amateur motion picture films by Mathew Ko. Shot during a YMCA Camera Club outing at the beach on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo regatta, airshow, and RCAF parade, Victoria, B.C., 1939-1942. Teenage members of YMCA and male leaders climbing up logs on the shore side and into a wooded area with backpacks and axes. Night scenes of the campers eating by a campfire and going for another hike. Day scenes of man pointing at mountain range across the water, teenage boy taking photographs, boating and playing on the beach. Two women, one holding binoculars, join the boys. Two boys drink soda, opening a watermelon, beach bonfire in the night. Scene changes to Nanaimo regatta. Two men rowing competition, small boats in harbour, women dressed in formal dress attire with bouquets in back of a convertible. Sign reads “good-bye : come again,” as Steamships Princess Louise and Princess Victoria depart. Scene changes to airshow with planes flying in V formation and straight line. Scene changes to parade with military marching band and soldiers in uniform, some with guns. This rally and march is from City Hall to Cenotaph. Storefront sign in background reads “Cross & Co Farming & Fruit,” banner on car drives by saying “support Victoria’s air supremacy campaign: July 15th to July 27th: silver trail for silver wings’ July 20th Headquarters 1205 Douglas,” crowd looking at a biplane displayed on the street. Bank of Toronto behind Greek and Canadian flags, close view of sign reading “We the Greeks by the side of Britain will fight barbarism to the bitter end, as our glorious history commands,” marching band with Greek flag in front of City Hall. Men marching down street with “Down with Fascism” signs. Cenotaph at Parliament Buildings surrounded by crowds at end of the rally. Man holding sign reading “you serve by saving: buy war savings certificates,” Government street signpost on a corner with Yates Street and the Imperial Bank of Canada, watching more marching bands and military personnel with vehicles and weaponry pass over tram lines. Women involved in the war effort as nurses and other professionals are also included in the march. These clips were initially intended for home, personal use. Silent film.

In Collection:
Creator Subject Date created Resource type Rights statement Extent
  • 00:13:07
Alternative title
  • YMCA Camera Club outing; RCAF parade World War 2
Geographic coverage Coordinates
  • 49.16638, -123.94003
  • 53.99983, -125.0032
  • 48.4359, -123.35155
Chronological coverage
  • 1939 to 1942
Additional physical characteristics
  • Kodachrome 16mm
Physical repository Collection
  • Mathew Ko Colour Films, Victoria's Chinatown and Region
Provider Genre Archival item identifier
  • 2013-033.1.03
Fonds title Fonds identifier Date digitized
  • February 3, 2014
Technical note
  • NTSC 525
  • additional metadata by MT
  • Metadata by Lauren Chancellor
  • mp4
  • Double perf Color Reversal. B-Wind. Film is shrunken. A lot of opening cement splices repaired. 1939 & 1940 Kodak date codes. Digitized at 18 fps. Digitized by The Media Preserve
  • Contact UVic Special Collection and University Archives for reproduction requests (fee for reproductions). This material is made available on this site for research and private study only.

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