War Diary of 1st Battalion Canadian Scottish Regiment, Vol. 65 - Appendix Public

This appendix consists of a reports entitled "Two Who Came Back" by Capt. V.R. Schjeldrup and Sgt. A. Gri and "6 October to 5 January Experiences" by R.F. Bradley.


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  • Vol. 65
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  • 22 pages
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  • Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) Collection
  • Transferred to UVic Special Collections from BC Archives, March 2006.
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  • Series 11. 5.19
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  • Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) fonds
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  • SC021
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  • 2019-03-04-2019-03-07 (unable to parse)
Technical note
  • Scanned on Plustek Opticbook at 600 dpi TIFF. an 1945 includes oversize diagrams and maps printed on translucent yellow tracing paper in cyan tones. Laid over white paper to enhance readability and scanned on the TTI/Betterlight (600 dpi, camera height 700, Bent5 tone). The map was exceptionally fragile, barely held together, except the one folded portion which is stuck to itself. The reverse of this page was not scanned to minimize any damage that might have ocurred from flipping it over. (After scanning, it was refolded and returned to the file.
  • 1945
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